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A brief sketch ...

I was born and raised in Snohomish county, and Washington has always been my home. I network extensively in community affairs and continually chase my kids through their activities and educational hallmarks.

While fully licensed and competent to handle most general law problems, I have always focused my law practice on estate and elder planning. I began as an accountant and passed the CPA exam. I understand tax codes and the necessity and alternatives for retirement planning. Moving to estate and elder planning in my law practice was a natural transition for me, and I now have over 18 years of experience in this specialty area of law.

I network with a number of other elder and estate planning specialists in the Puget Sound area, often serving the interests and goals of clients and families whose needs vary from a simple will to more intricate aspects of estate planning, including the occasional need for litigation.. I also serve the needs and goals of families as seniors address end-of-life issues. Our attorney group is one of very few attorney groups with expertise in estate pre-planning related to pension benefits for Veterans.

I share office resources with attorneys Nikki Leith, whose experiences in estate planning, real estate transactions, and veterans benefits enhance our practice capabilities, and Jeff McNamara, whose extensive experience outside of estate and elder planning law complements my own experience in addressing most areas of general law practice.

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