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Litigation is unfortunately a necessary part of estate settlements when parties do not agree and/or cannot come to a settlement on contested properties. While litigation is often a last alternative for resolution because of the time expense and costs, our attorneys have extensive experience in successfully litigating several aspects of estate / will / trust resolution in the elder law arena of law. We have extensive experience in addressing:

  • Will contests,
  • Trust disputes,
  • Breach of fiduciary duty cases,
  • Cases brought under the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA),
  • Business Disputes,
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

Our recent litigation experience has included case resolutions through deliberations, mediations via arbitration, and representative matters settled in court. Recent successful litigation work has included:

  • (2016) - Lead counsel representing 4 children that had been purportedly disinherited by their elderly father in favor of an unnamed charity. Pre-litigation settlement of $5.5 million.
  • (2016) - Obtained expeditious and favorable settlement from insurance company that wrongfully denied death benefits resulting from an auto accident to surviving parent.
  • (2016) - Represented plaintiff in contract dispute with former business partner. Obtained favorable binding arbitration award
  • (2016) - Represented surviving spouse in buyout of corporate business interest of her deceased husband.
  • (2015) - Represented shareholder of small family business in corporate buy out.
  • (2014) - Lead counsel representing Plaintiff in King County Superior Court that had been inadvertently disinherited by his step-father. 3 day bench trial.
  • (2009 to 2016) - Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Litigation 2009- Present
  • (2009 to 2016) - Obtained long term care coverage benefits for many clients that were wrongfully denied coverage
  • (2009 to 2016) - .Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act Non-Judicial Binding Agreements
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